Acts: Part 2 Bible Study
Acts: Part 2 Bible Study
Acts: Part 2 Bible Study
Acts: Part 2 Bible Study
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Acts: Part 2 Bible Study

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This 11-week curriculum walks through the second half of the book of Acts—the authority of the King is proclaimed, the indwelling of the Spirit is secured, and the Church of God is multiplied. Witness a crucial moment in the history of our faith as the gospel goes out against great odds and the Church takes root.


  • Acts: Part 2 Workbook
  • Access to streamable Acts: Part 2 teaching videos (you will have access to these through your account indefinitely)

Note: At this time you will only receive access to the women's teaching videos. The audio versions of the teaching and the men's teaching videos will be added in January 2022.


This workbook is designed to be used in a specific way. The homework in the workbook will start you down the process of comprehension, interpretation, and application. However, it is intended to dovetail with small group discussion time and the video teachings. You can use the workbook by itself, but you are likely to find yourself with some unresolved questions. The video teaching is intended to resolve most, if not all, of your unanswered questions from the homework and discussion time. With this in mind, consider using the materials as follows:

  • If you are going through the study on your own, first work through the homework and then watch or listen to the corresponding teaching for that week.
  • If you are going through the study in a group, first do your homework, then discuss the questions your group decides to cover, and then watch or listen to the teaching.  


  • Size: 8.5”x11”
  • Pages: 171